Recently I met with a situation to find the lines in one file witch matches two strings.

ctrl +F to find in vs code

Select the Regular expression option on the find menu and search with below keyward


you will get lines witch matching both words in it, you can add more based on your need.

Continuation to previous timescale db on edge story, am continuing the same implementation on the EF Core. Please find the points below. Most of the EF Core functionality will be similar even in the case of Time Scale DB also as its an extension over Postgres DB

install “Npgsql.EntityFrameworkCore.PostgreSQL” …

Recently we got a chance to work with Redis on azure IoT Edge. So thought to share the same.

Redis on Edge is quite straight forward compared to other modules.

Please find the Manifest portion below

"RedisEdge": {"settings": {"image": "","createOptions": {
"HostConfig": {…

Recently we got a chance to chance to work with Timescale DB on our edge device. For those who are new to Timescale DB, its an additional extension on top of PostgreSQL, to save timeseries data in it.

For that we can use any image from the public docker hubs…

Microsoft released a new edge version of the SQL which is named as SQL Edge. Now lets see how we can deploy and configure the same for our IoT application.


You need to have azure portal access with IoT hub and IoT Edge device. you can follow the below link…

Azure IoT Edge agent comes with below direct methods which we can use to control our modules inside the edge device

Restart Module

This will restart other modules running on the edge device

az iot hub invoke-module-method --method-name 'RestartModule' -n <hub name> -d <device name> -m '$edgeAgent' --method-payload 
'{ "schemaVersion": "1.0", "id": "<module name>" }'

also you can use the direct method option of the module and call the direct method with below parameters

DirectMethod Name : RestartModule
Parameter :
"schemaVersion": "1.0",
"id": "<module name>"


Ping command will check the module availability

az iot hub invoke-module-method — method-name ‘ping’ -n <hub name> -d <device name> -m ‘$edgeAgent’

also you can use the direct method option of the module and call the direct method with below parameters

DirectMethod Name : ping
Parameter : {}

Recently i got a chance to architect an Azure Digital Project, but its a bit confusing once to decide how the event updating should follow in azure digital twin platform.

Please find the reference diagram from Microsoft below

Here we can see multiple inputs specified, But in action, we need…

Here am inclusing some basic and advanced Azure Data Explorer Queries (ADX) or Kusto Queries which i met during my development journey.

Normal Tables

Create table in ADX

.create table tableName(ColumnName:datatype)

Alter table in ADX

.create-or-alter table tableName(ColumnName:datatype)

Create JSON Mapping, This will be used to ingest JSON data to…

Once we got a situation to display time zone from the data source. We use Azure Data Explorer(ADX) as the source for our data. We have a local timestamp and global time stamp columns on our data.

So to identify the data, we created a measure with below condition. This will calculate the difference between the timestamps


This will get the time difference between the first time zones on the data. Now to display the same we use the second measure as below

TimeDifferenceDisplay = CONCATENATE(IF([TimeDifference] >0 , “GMT + “ , “GMT “), [TimeDifference])

Now we can see the time zone difference on your power bi

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